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We develop our every menu using fresh raw-materials from local farmers and the organic spices and herbs from the foot-hills of Himalayas  (Nepal). That can give our customers ultimate satisfaction with our health and nature conscious food.



ピザとナンの粉は地元で栽培したひきたてのオーガニック全粒粉(ぜんりゅうふん)を使用。 全粒粉はビタミン・ミネラル・繊維質を多く含んでおり、配合により健康に良いピザとナンが出来上がりました。

we make our naan bread in a very traditional way using traditional hand techniques and clay tandooori oven. More than that, we care about our ingredients. We are using locally grown organic whole grain flour to make our naan and pizza dough with the combination of normal white flour. We bake our pizzas in a professional deck oven fueled by gas.

Health conscious food with local ingredients.

We prepare food with the consciousness for healthy lifestyle. We always prioritize to source fresh food and vegetables from local farmers in Kuriyama-town, naganuma-town, Yuni-town, Kurisawa-towan, and around the region.



Party menu

Birthdays/Anniversaries/ Friends gathering/ corporate Events & Other different types of parties.

誕生日/記念日/友達の集まり/会社のイベント&その他のパーティーの種類。 50人まで予約可能です。

We organize various kind of parties and reservations according to the demand of the customers up to 50 people.

Himalayan Organic Coffee    

We are serving earth special Himalayan Organic Coffee, directly imported from farmers in the foot hills of Himalayas .

ヒマラヤ オーガニックコーヒー   


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Our Sweets Collection

Now we have introduced our dessert menu designed based on our tradition and culture with contemporary mindset.

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