Welcome to “Restaurant earth” in Kuriyama, Hokkaido Japan. We are  offering original Nepalese, Indian Cuisine preserving our traditional and cultural values. Our  goal is to “connecting lives with nature through food” and give meaningful experience to the customers in restaurant dining.  We aim to make our restaurant known as a place that deliver the value of eating healthy, living authentic, and having connection with human values and nature. The restaurant destination which provide innovative and  nature conscious eating experience in a simple, clean and naturally organized environment.

At earth we are aiming to spread the awareness of protecting and adopting nature in our day-to-day life, through our business concept. We have designed our restaurant based on the principles  and our core values that we truly believe in. They are;

Authenticity– Be Authentic:- Be true to who you are and your values.

  • Simplicity– Life exist in simple things:- What we are doing is simple; “serving the everyday essential Human need and aligned it with their values.
  • Create connections with nature– (Nature – A living way). Create deep connections between people’s life and their natural values through food.
  • Think Sustainability– Source locally and help to create the economic balance in a local community. Also do things that can remain longer till the generation to come.
  • Make An Impact Deliver inspiration and create positive difference in the community.


Our Menu

Our food concept is designed based on our original roots of Himalaya. We develop our food based on our history, tradition, and culture with a contemporary mindset; that can give the modern, innovative & meaningful flavor to the customers of this age, by protecting our tradition, cultural and historical values on every dish we offer.


Locally Sourced

We are dedicated to offer the “farm to table” food concept to our customers. We are sourcing fresh vegetables, Rice, Herbs, onion, and other fresh raw-materials from local farmers in Kuriyama town and around the region.  We import our Organic spices and herbs from the land of Himalaya “Nepal”, where we are originally from.


Our Team

earth’s people are educated, purposeful and value driving on what they do in a daily basis. We have a culture that has been built based on authentic reality, Natural simplicity and human values where every individual who work on it would be treated with respect and humility. We have a respectful, fun, helpful and cooperative relationship within staff members and management teams. We have the system that pursue for quality and higher standard. We design the environment where people can create meaningful connections with their values and life. 

We are doing something that we are passionate about, i.e. “bringing lives closer to nature”, and we are fulfilling the purpose of our life through it.


Food, Life & Nature

Everything we do, we believe food is the only source that supplies good nitration into human body and every human being consume it everyday. We believe, Food is the element that connect lives with nature. We respect food as we respect our life, and we make it with intense care, sensitive hard work and deep respect for its values that it has for human life. Finally, we make our food with the purpose to serving our goal i.e. “connecting lives with nature through food”., The way we connect people with nature is making our products and services simple, authentic, tasty and health conscious using highest quality, natural, and organic ingredients and prepare them in a complete natural way adopting traditional process and modern techniques at the same time, respecting the human organic values.

Our Music

We have set-up our background music, the very traditional and classic Nepalese music. All the music tracks were created using only hand made and run instruments like; Madal, Bashuri, sarangi, Mureli, Tabla, Harmunium, khaijadi and more… without using any modern machinery equipment. So, its very pure, true and natural Nepalese music.



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